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Executive Members

Name Position
Ben Errez Chairman

Ben Errez has acted as Chairman of our Board, Executive Vice President, Principal Financial Officer and Principal Accounting Officer since July 2017. He has brought this expertise to the Company to lead the Company into the forefront of the blockchain-based financial software, services and hardware market. Since 2017, Errez has been a principal of the GreenBox Business. From August 2004 until August 2015, Errez formed the start-up IHC Capital, where he held the position of Principal Consultant from founding to the present date, through which he advises clients in the South Pacific region with market capitalizations ranging from $50M to $150M on matters such as commerce, security, reliability and privacy. From January 1991 to August 2004, he served as Software Development Lead for the Microsoft International Product Group. He led the International Microsoft Office Components team (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) in design, engineering, development and successful deployment. He also served as Executive Representative of Microsoft Office and was a founding member of the Microsoft Trustworthy Computing Forum, both within the company, and internationally. Errez co-authored the first Microsoft Trustworthy Computing Paper on Reliability. At Microsoft, Mr. Errez was responsible for the development of the first Microsoft software translation Software Development Kit (“SDK”) in Hebrew, Arabic, Thai and Simplified Chinese, as well as the development of the first bidirectional extensions to Rich Text Format (“RTF”) file format, all bidirectional extensions in text converters for Microsoft Office, and contributed to the development of the international extensions to the Unicode standard to include bidirectional requirements under the World Wide Web Consortium (“W3C”). He received his Bachelor Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from the Hebrew University.

Fredi Nisan Chief Executive Officer

Fredi Nisan has served as a Director and our Chief Executive Office since July 2017, and has been a principal of the Company since August 2017. In May 2016, Nisan founded Firmness, LLC. Through Firmness, Nisan created “QuickCitizen,” a software program that simplifies the onboarding process for new clients of law firms specializing in immigration issues. The QuickCitizen software significantly reduced law firm’s onboarding processing time from more than three hours to approximately fifteen minutes. In January 2010, Nisan launched Brava POS, where he served as President until 2015. Brava POS provided point of sale (“POS”) systems for specialty retail companies. Nisan developed software to provide clients with solutions for issues ranging from inventory management to payroll to processing high volume transactions in the form of a cloud-based POS system. This system had the capability to manage multiple stores with centralized inventory and process sales without an internet connection, and offered a secure login for each employee, as well as including advanced inventory management and reporting, plus powerful functionality for its end users.  From January 2007 until November 2017, Nisan worked for One Coach, in San Diego, CA, as a business coach. One Coach specializes in customized growth solutions for small business owners, including the latest strategies for sales, internet marketing, branding and ROI. Nisan was consistently ranked as the top salesperson for small business coaching while working with One Coach.

Min Wei Chief Operating Officer

With a strong history of organizational and strategic leadership, Mr. Wei is an accomplished operations executive with extensive experience in overseeing and managing the strategic vision while driving operational, managerial and administrative excellence to foster growth. Mr. Wei has built and led teams in international tech companies over the past 20+ years. Prior to joining GreenBox, he was Senior VP, Chief Customer Officer at Cubic Corporation where he led the cultural shift of winning the customer and Senior Vice President of Operations at Cubic’s transportation business where he successfully led global service strategy, transformation and technology driven innovation that significantly improved 24x7x365 service performance and user experience for major public transit payment management systems serving 50 million+ people globally. Previously Mr. Wei also held executive positions at Cubic, ERG, and a number of tech companies where he oversaw financial management, business operations and M&A integrations. Mr. Wei is active in promoting technology advancement and digital transformation and has served on the advisory board at technology service industry association. He holds an MBA with an emphasis in finance, banking and international business from the University of San Francisco.

George Oliva Chief Financial Officer

George Oliva has over 30 years of experience as a senior finance professional, with a background in corporate finance, treasury, financial planning and analysis, international tax, and strategic planning. Prior to joining RYVYL, he was Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary for WiSA Technologies, Inc. since 2019. He was also a partner with Hardesty LLC, a national executive services firm, through which he provided financial consulting services to public and private companies nationwide. As Interim Chief Financial Officer of SpineEx, Inc., a California-based medical equipment manufacturer, Mr. Oliva was responsible for managing the company’s financial, human resources and information technology departments. Prior to that, he served as Vice President of Finance of GameWorks, a family entertainment chain, where he developed a plan to restructure the company’s business in connection with an acquisition by a lender. He also served as controller for Eva Automation, an audio company, where he implemented purchase accounting in connection with a $180 million acquisition. Mr. Oliva began his career in auditing with Arthur Andersen & Co. He earned a degree in Business Administration from the University of California, Berkeley with a dual emphasis in Accounting and Finance.

Zack Kirscher Vice President – Legal