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What does RYVYL do?

RYVYL was born from a passion for empowering a new way to conduct business-to-business, consumer-to-business, and peer-to peer payment transactions. By leveraging blockchain and USD-pegged stablecoin technology with near real-time attestation, RYVYL is reinventing the future of financial transactions. Since its founding, as GreenBox POS in 2017 in San Diego, RYVYL has developed applications enabling a suite of turnkey payment processing products crafted with consumer, merchant and business benefits in mind. The driving factor behind creating and developing these products are to upgrade the legacy systems that are currently in place. Paired with our passion for streamlining outdated processes that only benefit a few, our products take everyone into consideration, even the mom and pop shops.

Why did the company change its name to RYVYL?

GreenBox POS was founded on the idea of upgrading outdated legacy systems and developing streamlined payment processing avenues for the evolving world. As we continue to strive to provide cutting edge financial technology, we selected a name that embodies the passion we have for our customers and the commitment to change an outdated landscape. GreenBox no longer represents where we’re going but rather where we’ve been, and we won’t soon forget our humble beginnings. We believe the name RYVYL gives us the ability to broaden our scope and continue to grow in a differentiated, empowering way.

How does RYVYL generate revenue?

RYVYL is more than just a payment processor but a visionary as to where the industry is going. Throughout history, there have been companies that push the envelope of what is possible, the ones that redefine what can be. RYVYL envisions a world of money movement that removes the constant changing of hands to create a system that is quicker and more monetarily efficient for all of our customers. We are committed to developing technology that gives people control and transparency, so they choose who they pay their fees to.

What are the key initiatives and growth drivers for the company?

RYVYL’s strategic priorities all ladder up to our overarching mission of working tirelessly to build and run compliant, leading edge blockchain ledger-based payments platforms for the diverse, evolving and dynamic global markets. We plan to achieve this goal by:

  1. Sustaining global market leadership in the select acquiring markets
  2. Disrupt and win in the global Banking as a Service and foreign domain sectors
  3. Deploy and maximize the use of the coyni platform
  4. Strategically grow the RYVYL portfolio
  5. Maximize shareholder value
Who was RYVYL built for?

From peer-to-peer transactions, business to consumer and even business to business, RYVYL helps everyone to take back the control of their money. RYVYL was built for anyone interested in benefiting from the speed, reliability, and security of our vertically integrated payment solutions.

What makes RYVYL unique?

RYVYL is the end-to-end payment solution – from vertically integrated payment technology, to a differentiated smart contract stablecoin, and secure settlement through our blockchain based ledger. As the boundaries of the digital and physical world continue to blur together, we create the solutions for all to move seamlessly back and forth. We are RYVYL. We are progress.

How can I stay up to date and track RYVYL’s progress?

You can sign up for email alerts here. You will receive information about SEC filings, Press Releases and other information that will keep you abreast to what is happening with RYVYL.

You can also follow us on social media on channels:

How can I find financial information about RYVYL?

Financial results are reported in accordance with SEC regulations. You can view our filings here.

Where can I find the company’s investor presentation?

Click here to see our RYVYL Investor Presentation.

How can I purchase shares of the company’s stock?

RYVYL publicly traded on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol: RVYL.

Where can I find recent media?

Follow this link to our RYVYL Newsroom.

Who is the company’s transfer agent?